A Spirit of Service: Volunteering at Lake Forest Place

Posted by Presbyterian Homes on Oct 9, 2019 6:13:21 PM

Philanthropy and service are integral parts of many Lake Forest Place residents’ lives - whether they are lifelong volunteers or have rekindled the passion in retirement.

Read on or watch our video to see how our residents give back to the community and to get inspired today!

Lifelong Volunteering

“We both are committed volunteers,” said Frances G. of herself and her husband, both Lake Forest Place residents. “We have standing, almost weekly volunteer activities that we do.”

For Frances, who’s been involved in service work since she joined Gamma Phi Beta in college, the pursuit provides purpose and meaning. 

“I have called myself a professional volunteer most of my life,” she said. “I’ve done volunteer work for Gamma Phi Beta for years, including being on their national governing council.”

Frances, along with other Lake Forest Place residents, also volunteers with Bernie’s Book Bank, a nonprofit organization that donates millions of books to at-risk Chicagoland students each year. 

“It’s a great organization - and it’s one that takes up a lot of my time on a regular basis,” she said.

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Serving Chicago’s Youth

Frances’ husband David also has a favorite way to give back through a unique organization called Curt’s Café.

This café serves up more than just avocado toast and freshly-made scones. It provides a stable job and training for 15- through 24-year-olds who are food insecure, have dropped out of school, or who have been in contact with the judicial system, according to their website. 

For the last year and a half, David has served on the board for the café, which is expanding from its original location in Evanston to an additional location in downtown Highland Park.

“Most of the things that I’ve done have been focused on the youth because they’re our future, and I’ll continue to do that,” said David.

Making a Difference in Lake Forest

Jery H., another Lake Forest Place resident, takes advantage of local organizations to do her volunteer work.

“If you show up at Lake Forest Place on Monday mornings, I’ll be [volunteering] at the hospital. Because the new hospital is so large, they use us to guide and show people around,” she said. 

Jery also works with the Lake Forest-Lake Bluff History Center, a local historical society. 

“You just sit and welcome people, and kind of guide them if they want to see a specific display and they’re not quite sure how to use the interactive equipment,” she said. 

Why Volunteer in Retirement?

Spending your time in service to others during retirement can be a wonderful way to continue your passions, stay engaged in the community, and keep learning. Here are even more ways you may benefit from volunteering:

  1. Reduced risk of depression and less stress. When you spend time with others and focus on helping people, you’ll experience a mood boost - plus stronger social ties.

  2. Increased physical and mental activity. Get your body and brain moving when you volunteer - you’ll be getting out and about and using or improving skills to keep your brain sharp.

  3. Longer life. At least one study has shown seniors who volunteer often live longer. Other studies have shown volunteers may experience less chronic pain than non-volunteers. 

Besides these benefits, volunteering can simply be an enjoyable way to spend your time, especially if you choose an opportunity that fits your interests and personality.

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