Strength in Diversity

Posted by Presbyterian Homes on Jun 12, 2020 1:40:35 PM

Every member of Presbyterian Homes’ communities, including residents, employees, volunteers, families, and visitors, is treated with dignity and respect. We embrace diversity and inclusion. We recognize that our differences can empower us to grow. We value the skills and compassion that our diverse workforce share with residents daily. We believe that our communities are made stronger and better by the diversity of our staff, the strength of our convictions, and our respect for one another. To see racism and violence so graphically depicted in our country and in our city, leaves us all asking why these horrible events are still occurring in the year 2020. Racism has no place in our company or society. We must all take a stand and speak out against hate and violence at every opportunity. We must seek first to understand before we ask to be understood and above all, we must listen, self-reflect, and be kind to one another.  Let each of us begin this process…in our communities and in society, so that we can truly advance equality for all.

Topics: Corporate News